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What You Need to Know About Sunflower Bouquet Maintenance

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What You Need to Know About Sunflower Bouquet Maintenance

Sunflowers, since their first day of existence, have persisted for a reason. They are lovely and inspiring and will brighten anyone's day. Sunflowers have characteristics that produce nostalgic memories and uplifting emotions.

With all that said, one must know that sunflowers should be handled with care if you obtain them. Beyond just growing and taking care of a single sunflower, you might as well learn how to take care of an entire bouquet. 

Read on to discover what you need to know about sunflower bouquet maintenance.

A Brief Look Into the Sunflower 

The sunflower’s scientific plant name Helianthus is derived from the Greek words “helios” (sun) and “anthos” (flower). Like the bright and blazing sun, sunflowers symbolize warmth, power, positivity, harvest, abundance, and rebirth.

In the ancient times of Native American burials, sunflower seeds were used to honor the dead and lead them to the afterlife. They were also found to be treasured and adorned on the clothing of Incan priestesses. In China, the sunflower represents good fortune, whereas, in Victorian times, it represents gratitude. Meanwhile, in Greek mythology, the sunflower represents love.

Yellow sunflowers indicate happiness, longevity, friendship, vitality, and intelligence. Cream and white sunflowers symbolize purity. Red and orange sunflowers symbolize power, positivity, and ardor. Brown sunflowers represent loyalty.

Sunflower Bouquet Upkeep

Care for cut sunflowers is similar to caring for other flowers, with a few exceptions. To guarantee that your new sunflowers live a long and productive life, follow the procedures outlined below. Sunflower bouquets should last between 6 and 8 days if properly cared for.

Here are the steps for optimal sunflower upkeep:

Step 1: Get used to the sun exposure.

Sunflowers revere the sun. After receiving your sunflower, expose the unopened buds to light. They will dehydrate if exposed to light for an extended period of time.

Step 2: Fill the vase halfway with water.

Clean a tall vase and fill it with your flowering sunflowers.

Step 3: Trim the stems.

Trim 1-inch from the sunflower stem at a 45-degree angle while keeping it in room temperature water. This helps the sunflower absorb water.

Step 4: Remove any overgrowth.

Remove any leaves that will get immersed when arranging sunflowers in a vase. These can attract insects and allow insects to transmit hazardous bacteria into your vase, making your sunflower sick.

Step 5: Make use of your filled vase.

After nurturing your sunflowers, put them back in a vase to absorb new and fresh water.

Step 6: Mind the nutritional value.

Increase the nutritional value of your sunflowers to give them a longer life. Use the flower food appropriate for your bouquet to let them grow beautifully.

Step 7: Get into the habit.

Sunflowers require special attention. This entails clipping their stems and refilling their water on a daily basis, rather than every two to three days.


There is nothing quite like growing a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and learning how to take care of them. With these steps, you are sure to have your dream sunflowers, cultivate them, and offer them to your loved ones. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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