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5 Easiest Steps to Prepare and Arrange Roses at Home

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5 Easiest Steps to Prepare and Arrange Roses at Home

A rose is a classic and timeless flower you can enjoy all year round. They are known for their delicate petals and beautiful aroma. For this reason, getting a bouquet of them is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care.

Besides that, roses are not only stunning, but they are also effortless to arrange. Our uncomplicated tips will have you creating rose arrangements that will fill your home with beauty in no time!

Preparing Roses All by Yourself!

Though roses originally come from China, they have changed significantly from their wild ancestors. Plant breeders have cultivated roses to come in a wide array of colors, sizes, and textures. You can now find roses in almost any color, like the famous blue and white roses.

There are many different types of cut roses, including floribunda, hybrid tea, Grandiflora, and polyanthus. Each of these categories has hundreds of different kinds of roses. For example, spray roses are a type of rose with multiple smaller roses on each stem. They are often used in bouquets to add a splash of delicate blooms.

To make your roses and flowers arrangements look their best, follow these simple steps. By doing so, you’ll have a gorgeous bouquet that will brighten up any room.

Step 1: Work on the Leaves 

Although the rose blooms are the focal point, you can't neglect the leaves and stems. 

To prepare your vase, remove any leaves that will sit below the waterline. It will help prevent fungi and bacteria from growing in the water. You don't need to remove all the leaves, just those that will be submerged. We recommend leaving some leaves on the stem to add fullness and depth to your arrangement.

Step 2: Take Guard Petals Away

After removing the leaves, you can move on to the guard petals. These petals protect the flower from damage!

Don't be alarmed if your roses’ petals look bruised or broken - this is just the guard petals doing their job. Once you remove them, your flower can open fully and show off its true beauty.

To remove the petals, grasp each one and give it a light tug. Once you've removed all the damaged petals, your roses will be ready for arranging!

Step 3: Cut the Stems

Before placing your roses in a vase, cut each stem at a 45º angle. It helps the flower to absorb water and stay fresh.

Step 4: Put Them With Water

If you want your roses to last longer, put them in cold water until you're ready to arrange them. Cold water will help them stay fresh. If you want your roses to open up faster, you can put them in warm water.

Step 5: Start Arranging

It's time to put your flowers in a beautiful design! Arranging your roses in your hand before adding them to the vase can help you get the look you want. Once you have prepared the flower arrangement the way you like it, put them in the vase.

Mixed bouquets often contain different types and sizes of flowers, with the roses usually being some of the larger ones. If this is the case, the roses should be used as the focal flowers.

After adding greenery and other flowers to fill out your arrangement, it's time to add the roses.

Make sure the roses' stems are a bit longer so they can sit on top of the arrangement. This will give them enough space to open and show off their layers of petals fully. 


Rose bouquets and flowers arrangements will help you show your loved ones how much you care. When you're not sure what to buy as a gift - or if you're looking for a gift that will last a long time - a beautiful fresh bouquet of roses will make anyone smile!

You have the option of purchasing your roses in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your gifting needs. Let us help you create beautiful arrangements to celebrate the special people in your life with a bouquet of gorgeous roses. If you want to get affordable flower delivery in Bangkok, contact us today!. 

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