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Rose Color Meanings: Everything That You Need to Know

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Rose Color Meanings: Everything That You Need to Know

Many of you may not know this but the color of a rose has a unique meaning attached to it. You’ll want to do all you can to familiarize yourself with these meanings as they can impact the recipient of the roses in different ways. To help you out with this, we thought it would be useful to put together a brief discussion on this subject. If this is something that you want to learn more about, read on as we break down everything you need to know about the different means of rose colors.

Red Roses

Red roses, often considered the universal symbol of love, represent strong affection and desire. Throughout most places around the globe, giving red roses—whether they're one or a dozen—is the perfect way to say you love someone. Keep in mind that different shades of red suggest different degrees of affection, such as a deep red rose indicating romance and a less intense, redder rose suggesting you have not yet revealed your feelings. 

Purple Roses

Purple roses are not nearly as common as red roses, but they are just as beautiful in their own way. To give you an idea of how special they are, take note that purple roses were often given to queens and kings. Purple roses show that the giver was thinking of the receiver, whether the intent was to convey a sense of interest, a love for them, or even an adoration for them. 

Now, it's important to keep in mind that the shade of purple matters. Purple roses are wonderful for sending to someone for a special occasion or celebration. They are a great way to make the person feel special. In contrast, lavender roses are best used when you want to express your undying love for the person.

White Roses

As a symbol of purity, innocence, and in some cases, chastity, white roses are fitting for ceremonial occasions like christenings and graduations. For that reason, they are often given for these events. However, white roses are also appropriate for sending to someone as a sign of respect or remembrance.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, caring, and understanding. They should never be sent to someone you are romantically interested in; this may indicate you want to stay in the friend zone. At the same time, yellow roses have no real romantic associations with them; instead, they denote unconditional love, respect, and compassion for another human being.

Sending yellow roses to a friend is a great way to show them that you were thinking of them. Since it's a color associated with friendship, it is less likely to be misunderstood as an attempt at romance for someone you work with or are friends with.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to furthering your understanding of the different colors of roses. As you can see, each color has a distinct meaning assigned to it. It’s best to keep this in mind when buying flowers for other people. Take note that while the color of the roses does matter, you’ll want to look for a florist that sells the best quality flowers available.

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