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What Is the Meaning of Sending Baby’s Breath Flowers

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What Is the Meaning of Sending Baby’s Breath Flowers

Have you ever wondered why we give flowers to others? It's a tradition that is so commonplace that we often forget to think about what a powerful gesture it is. As you give flowers to the people you treasure, you express your love, appreciation, and care for those people.

Each flower also represents a different meaning, which is perfect if you want to relay a message to someone special in a thoughtful way. While many flowers are commonly given, holding messages familiar to people, many more flowers are not so common yet.

The baby's breath flower is a bloom that holds a lot of beautiful meanings. Let this article focus on this small but beautiful flower.

Baby's Breath Flower Meaning

Buying the baby's breath flower often represents sincerity, purity, and love in many forms. It also sometimes symbolizes innocence, making it an excellent gift for baby showers and many other occasions.

When given as a gift, they are given as one of thoughtfulness and love. They are often given to someone who is sick or experiencing a loss. They also give a meaning of being needed or wanted. 

The Baby's Breath Flower’s History

While the baby's breath flower is thought to be from Europe, it has been found in the United States. The baby's breath flower became widespread in the United States in 1874. The name of this flower has become very popular due to its use in creating the bridal bouquet.

Many brides like the look of this flower due to its white color and small size. They feel like it fits perfectly with the meaning of their wedding, which is often to show purity, innocence, and a new beginning. 

This flower is also used to represent the happiness and good luck one can have on a special day. The baby's breath flowers symbolize a great life.

Other Symbolisms of Baby’s Breath Flowers

Baby's breath flowers are very delicate and lovely, making the flower seem like an angel at times. It is a flower with a lot of symbolism, making it so popular in many different cultures.

Many people regard the flower as a symbol of protection and the sign of a good omen. It is also a sign that the divine is watching over you and that you are destined for greatness. 

It is also a sign that the day will go well for you and that the night will bring in the most peaceful of dreams.

The baby's breath flower’s meaning is also a symbol of the beauty around you. The flower is a sign of your purity and that you are a beautiful person.


Giving a baby's breath flowers to someone is an act that is as old as time itself. While you may not realize it, it is a thoughtful gesture with a great history. It is a flower that lets the woman know that she is a special person and loved. It is a gift that will make anyone feel loved and cherished.

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