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The Best Flowers to Give According to Birth Month

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The Best Flowers to Give According to Birth Month

We all know that celebrating birthdays is a time we commemorate our loved ones. Birthdays are an occasion to get closer to one another, express gratitude for life, and celebrate looking forward to even better memories. 

Now, you might be wondering what to give to a lady celebrating their birthday. The best way to celebrate someone's birthday is to send them a gorgeous flower arrangement. But while there are numerous flowers, you must choose a birthday bouquet that reflects the celebrant's personality.

Birthday flowers can be ordered by color and month, and every month has a different birth flower. Read on to discover the best flowers to give according to birth month.

Flowers for January

January's birthstones are snowdrops and carnations. They stand for zeal, life, and adventure. Is the birthday child keen to face new challenges and interested in the world? Snowdrops and flowers make wonderful gifts for January infants.

Flowers for February

Primrose and violet are symbolic of conventionalism and a love of food for February birthdays. Is the birthday girl or boy a conventional, earthy fine diner? February birthday flowers include primrose and violet.

Flowers for March

People born in March enjoy talking, are friendly, and are intellectuals who prefer to read books rather than watch movies. Flowers for a March birthday express their uniqueness. Jonquil and violet are colors that indicate people that are outgoing, active, and intellectual. March birthdays are ideal.

Flowers for April

Daisy and sweet pea are symbolic of discretion and vigilance. Is the April-born girl or boy trustworthy and good at keeping secrets? Is he or she a guardian companion, a sibling, or a parent? Daisy and sweet peas are used to honor these characteristics.

Flowers for May

For the extrovert's May birthday, give them lily-of-the-valley and hawthorn flowers. They also represent loyalty as May celebrants are devoted people. These attributes are celebrated by the May birthday flowers.

Flowers for June

Rose and honeysuckle are symbols of love, modesty, and perfection. The birthday boy or girl must be detail-oriented yet humble, and passionate about their hobbies. Consider giving them these June blossoms.

Flowers for July

Water lily and larkspur represent elegance and passion for July birthdays. People whose birthdays fall in July have an affinity for luxury and fantasy, and are interested in dressing up, wearing jewelry, and throwing parties. Water lily and larkspur hold the same qualities.

Flowers for August

The dog days of summer arrive in August, with the sun shining brightly. The carefree summer atmosphere is exemplified by poppies and gladiolus for their upbeat and vibrant nature.

Flowers for September

The arrival of spring is signaled by morning beauty and aster. They exemplify elegance and variety and are always open to new foods, people, and music. September's birthday flowers are morning glory and aster, the two flowers that represent grace and beauty.

Flowers for October

The October celebrant is often an ambitious person who works ceaselessly. Cosmos and calendula represent ambition and honor.

Flowers for November

The birth flower for November is the chrysanthemum. It is unique and independent. Perhaps the celebrant has discovered new ways of thinking, working, and living.

Flowers for December

December is a chilly and dismal month that calls for gentleness. December celebrants are known to be generous and selfless, and care about people, animals, and the environment. The narcissus and holly are great for a December birthday individual who is sympathetic and loving.


Everybody appreciates a lovely bouquet of flowers that represents them. When you give a birthday celebrant a bouquet of their birth flower, they will especially feel special because of your thoughtfulness. With that said, don’t hesitate to make special deliveries for your friends and loved ones. They will cherish these flowers for as long as they can!

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